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» Me | ISSUE 26 VOL. 3



It's not the size of your howitzer what you do with it.


= ~ Tiny may have the body of a vending machine, but he’s got the spirit of a rottweiler. .

Think Tiny packs a powerful punch? Try the ultimate destruction of the two-player, death-match mode.

Ever seen a pack of itsy-bitsy reliectalarel devour a water buffalo? Size is a poor indicator of annihilation potential.

- Chaos has struck Sentrax, the world’s largest defense contractor. And now its evil robots are destroying the earth. Mankind may not make it to the 22nd century. The

» only hopeis a bright yellow tank the size of ba o a riding lawn mower. Can Tiny, with his

a pe SS : | o —%. Olu mer-lalaleammer-iiialemeUiicw-lalem-t-y1e) a t-te |

oe fe rocket launchers save the human race?

Maybe. But even if he can’t, he’s gonna piss

Fife) Me) m ol-Le)e)(-MejimliMint-m e)celet-t-1-m aS

*. . ~

PlayStation (MARRS ania aia ae : AS Dae BAS. oe

s ‘2 = 4 ; > . ) a= 4 =

> Se Pe. > = ~ e =<. * eo

z iP TS : ‘i - ee % 5 See ge oe et 3 :

ee , ~— = : con


we * ide

Ra ft vain Wat aie —-

| it started 5 $,000 years Ago. It’s soins, to end now. Can Lara Croft stop an ancient curse from plunsing the world into madness? Get ready for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the epic adventure with everything you've been asking for. Seamlessly

integrated sameplay and FMV sequences for non-stop action. Killer _

d. (eM All other

lepAtiwe Digital Software Association.

ile Lara may be back in Egupt. expect digs

So whi

ider ever.

2 % 2 oO o. > oe b > : > 2 > 3 4 2 > no) on a 4 & >

Tomb Rai


eptember 9th will go down as a date that RPG fans will never for- get. Is it because the PlayStation was originaly launched on that date? Nah. Is it because Sega's Dreamcast came out on the exact same day this year? Nope. For hardcore RPGers, there was only one true can't-miss event of 1999, and that is Fina! Fantasy VIII.

See |

The buildup was huge. Since the game hit Japan more than half a year ago, US fans have had to be extremely patient while our friends overseas were experiencing gaming good- ness. A few nutcases took on the daunting task of blindly working through the Japanese version, but for

most gamers, that just wasn't a viable option. But the wait is over now, and


Among its many other talents, Square endear themselves to gamers. Through

has a knack for creating characters that

epic storylines,

= ‘very issue, we match exciting _, New games with today’s hottest

“illustrators to create the PSM cover.

We take pride in creating quality origi nal artwork, to present our Magazine at the highest possible level.

We've got two different covers this month, and ina PSM first, we have an artist doing two issues in a row. But this go around, we get the privilage of seeing J.G. Jones paint, and what a treat It is! His style suits the grandeur of a game like FFVII/ perfectly. Our sec- ond cover is by Joe Madureria, one of

_ our all-time favorites. Great work, Joe!

We’ve only run this pic of Squall, like, a hundred times, but the game’s

finally here!

is what Joe came up with initially, The intensity on the faces of Squall and Seifer are shown

large while a struggle goes on in a far shot.

many of you are finally embarking on Square's latest epic quest. To celebrate the release of such a big title, we've packed in as much FFVIII coverage as possible. In here you'll find an interview with the FFVIII team, our full review of the game, and our detailed tips guide. since this game Is so incredibly huge, we decided to forego a walkthrough, which we just couldn't do justice in the space we have (not without spreading the guide out over three or four months). Instead, we're focus- ing in-depth on what we think are some of the cooler and more interesting aspects of the game, which allows us to give you guys some really useful advanced info. So enjoy the game, the mag, and con- gratulations on surviving the wait!


OctogerR 19990 HTTPE//




as) /S SV VV V


Here in J.G.’s cover, we have the lovers(?) in an embrace and the giant spider mech looming behind them. We decide to scrap the mech. While cool, it plays a minor part of the game.

And here we go—the final pieces from both artists! J.G.'s image perfectly captures the epic, romantic feel of the game, while Joe Mad’s shows the inten- sity between Squall and Seifer. Great work, guys!

Octoger 1999 Vo. 3, Numeer {0 @ Issue 26 ISSN: 1095-4163

Chris Slate Editorin- Chief of

Bill Donohue Managing Editor

Stephen Frost Previews Editor

Noah Massey Editor, Codes & Strategies

Max Everingham Executive Editor, Japanese Section

Likes: A’! tyoes of gam

S Likes: Fighting, Pi attorm, Racing Wrestling Name: 'he iT

ate Wrestling Name: The Swimmer

Eugene Wang Art Director Favorite Finishing Move: Favorite Finishing Mave GO a yi Bee Designer The Slate takes his size-11 slong with rin i jen ttorial Contributors l a4 ; sneaker, turns tnat Su -| Nave Francesca Reyes, Randy Nelson, Adam Paviacka, sinuses ~ cker side hogy ‘ll Eugene See, Daniel Erickson ays, and Sticks it straight up " Atomic Photography & Artistic Contributors your candy ass! If ya smell... problem

Aaron Lauer, Robert DeJesus, Ryan Kinnaird, DAG, what The Slate... is cookin’! ee Gerry Serrano, Ben Chan a en itil ee a ae Intern Ben “The Clipper” Chan

Cover Illustration Cover 1 of 2: Joe Madureira, colors: liquid!, Cover 2 of 2: J.G, Jones

Chris Yatrakis National Ad Manager

Robin Rosales Regional Advertising Manager

Jim Mitchell Regional Advertising Manager

eo @ rm rer

John Yeargin Account Executive =|, Likes: Racing, Shooters Likes: Action enture, Racing Jennifer Canavan Advertising Coordinator me Wrestling Name: Pastry Boy Wrestling Name: Jagged sal ly a | || Favorite Finishing Move: || Favorite Cea aha i Dov obert Abramson & Associates AT Levan weatdutiia tee nes iaihal | rirecr p

720 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 known world wide for my lethal | dow EN Oppo- fax: (914) 723-4700 / dough, wnicn Is also delicately The Ci Richard Lesovoy Production Director sweet. VVhen I've got vy Oppo- that ys

Glenn “So Yen” Sadin Production Coordinator PSM Customer Service SAMA ASLAM AAS ALAA Ral +14 | my nactry a wil P.O. Box 52073 PIE ae a3 2 an tail ty Mie Boulder, Colorado 80322-2073 lal Cant support/psm/index/html Kate Bailey Subscription Director Jeanne Mangabat Fulfillment Coordinator Quyen Nguyen Distribution Coordinator

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ket ies

EvVIGENE WANG Art Director, The Deadliner Graphic Desiane:

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sharper graphics, faster speed and more adrenalit

without all the tickets.

The rush is back!


m@ PlayStat


ng. 121

While Dino Crisis

engine as the vast! series, there is ing action thriller ping of Zor Everything is rather than. game tha predecessor. thankfully, the F with the most complete strate of the best games of the year.

pg. 140

This game is so massive, there was NO way we could fit it in one issue. $ Cant imagine someone com- 1e game without a little the second part, we've goods on where to go to 0 do to finish the game, as well as the strategy for beating Kain himself. We've also included information on getting all the Glyph Spells. As in last issue’s walk- through, small details arent

explained, but everything you need to beat the game is here. Now it's time to finish this awesome game!

Anyone interested in shooters based on Special Forces teams will have heard of this fantastically tense and demand-

ing PC game. The good news for PlayStation owners is that they'll be able to feel the stress of saving the world for themselves this November when it arrives on the consoles. Not that this is a port... the PlayStation version is substan- tially different from tts PC counterpart, with the emphasis placed firmly on the action portion of the game. And speaking of action, it starts on page 62!

ISSUE NUMBER 26 October 1999





Final Fantasy VIII is easily the deepest and most complex RPG ever. You could spend months just trying to discover all the secrets and side- quests that the game has to offer. To make things easier for you, we've come up with this resource guide that covers the two coolest aspects of the game: Guardian Force and the Triple Triad. We decided not to do the standard walkthrough strate- gy guide, because we wouldn't want to spoil any of the adventure for you. Good luck!

> pg. 05 ~

pg. 67

Last month we broke the story on Lara's latest adventure, so we fig- ured this month we'd better get some follow-up coverage in, before you come over and lay the smack down on our candy-asses! We've got even more stuff on Lara's latest adventure, SO What are you waiting for? Get your ass over to page 67 right away!

> 75.15 =

The latest PlayStation dy jute In

i.) | ee > PG. 34 = ee ee » pp. 18 ~ » Nihon Game Otaku... ooo ccccccccececeeee > PG. 38 ~

All the bes dirt on tomorrow's hottest games

> Chrono Cross/Cool Boarders 4 000000000000... > pg. oo ~ BP PUCCINI FOE 2 sesso ssieconesorvannnnevonsineans wiivkniinestasnrsterians > pg. 77 ~ > Gallop Racer/Star Trek ....0...0.00000.ceceeee > pg. 70 ~ > Monster Rancher 2.200... occcccccccecceecreeeeeeen pg. 82 ~ > NBA ShootOut 2000/NCAA Final Four 2000 .......... » pg. 78 ~ Rainbow 6.00000... cccccccsesecsereesevevseeeeveveeen > pg. 62 ~ > Resident Evil 3: Nemesis........00.00..0..00.00c0cccee > og. 73 ~ > Silentdown Bomber/Countdown Vampires ........... > pg. 6b ~ > SuperCross Circuit 200.0000 ccccecccececeeeeteeeee og. 72 ~ BP TOO UG cin eosrnscrrseseseaesicza sinepnnsienterirsinreersadonansintanasies > pg. 67 ~ TR ESERIG, TUNA x icssersrsiavaeciestesirtatestnstyribvitlieienderd tesnirieras > pg. 83 ~ a | er > pg. oI ~

You ve got questions, we ve got answers cg oh ee er > pg. lo ~ DM PAUS@ ooo ccc cccccceccevsevecsvsevevetsevevievevitvevevierevees > pg. lo4 ~

A sneak-peek at what's gonna be hot for next month

yO! YO! yo!




NFL GameDay 2000...

4 BBB E |

Pac-Man World ........f Boarders 4........ pg Rainbow6......... ae . pg. 66 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. . ee pg. 54 Silent Bomber ......... Tr pg. 77 Sled Storm.......288 intasy VIll....... pg. 47 Star Trek. . ....25,. ee e: Justice ....... pg. 55 SuperCross Circuit... ... pg ME ees. pg. 70 Tomb Raider........ if Bs Soul Reaver....... pg. 57 Trick ‘n’ Snowboarder. . . pg. 4 en: pg. 82 Twisted Metal 4. . . Pg. | . 78 Vagrant Story........ WWF Attitude ...

Resident Evil 3:

Nemesis = pg. 73 =

Last issue, we gave a generé 3, but weren't able to go into r we've received a playable Japa game and are now able to talk a little rr | it actually plays, as well as what new festive Capcom has come up with. So if you're slightly out of touch with your evil side, crawl over to page 73 and get zombified!

| “more action- -packed | design and gameplay e's initial promise, this ne of the best games of ggeration. You can check it all out on page 77.

‘Quy ‘SUOHeSIUNWUIED eWLY JO SYZeWApeN paiajsiBel ee .Gurysijqng ewig pue o607 ewig ay) “OU| EQVAWY Jo OpUalUIN Jo eWApeL} e SI 10j09 AogawWeD “dU| URIJEWY JO OPUAaIUIN 9661@ ‘uj edJaWIy JO OpuaUIN Jo syeWApe! ase OBO] .N,, ay) Pu PO OPUayUIN “dUj JUaWUIeVJeIU3 JaINdWOD AUOg Jo syJeWaped paiaisibai aie soo} uoNersAe|g aur pue uonjersAely ‘auj ‘Buijysayy diysuoidwey) pop, jo ylewapen e si ADA Panasel siyBu |jy “Auedwog sewer, awl) y “Guljysasy diysuoidwey) POM GEGL@ ‘Panes: syyBu |) “SalUNOD Jayro JO/pue “S'f) ay) UI SLY Diu0s}99/3 40 YeWApes) pasaisiBar 10 YeWAped e S! SLY 9/U01}9913 “SHY 21U01}98]9 GEEL@


Hurl WCW wrestling’s A-list out of the ring and into backstage areas, locker rooms and parking garages.


FAY eo al

Trash opponents with garbage cans, kitchen sinks and anything else that’s not

bolted down. It’s a big arena out there. Give ‘em a guided tour



WCW...The Album Coming 10.19.99 Prima Strategy Guide Available.

nee ia i





=” PlayStation

After a Mission § Like This Comes | All the Paperwork.





ga edhe hee i



s we briefly mentioned in last month's notes, Columbia Pictures has finally revealed the official cast of the upcoming Final Fantasy motion picture (check below for the full cast info). However, Columbia has yet to reveal details about the script or characters. Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Anna Wu (loads of Jackie Chan movies, including Police Story 4) have also been rumored to be In, but again, no mention of what characters they will play. Though details of the plot are scarce, there are a few things that we do know (we think). The movie is appar- ently set on Earth, whereas all Final Fantasy games up

Pulp Fiction, Con Air, Mission Impossible

The Shadow, The Hunt for Red October

The General’s Daughter, John Carpenter’s Vampires

until now have been set on alternate worlds. The movie will take place in the year 2065, and rumor has it that It involves an alien onslaught and an attempted escape from Earth. Sounds epic! Columbia Pictures President Amy Pascal said, “With its futuristic special effects using state-of-the-art digital technol- ogy, Final Fantasy is one of the most excit- ing projects on our horizon. | am thrilled to bring such top-notch acting talent to the project.” The voice recording for the film Is currently underway in Los Angeles and Is under the helm of Jack Fletcher, who worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and Black Mask. The animation is being done in Square's swanky Honolulu office, under the direction of president Hironobu Sakaguchi. Although the story is the creation of Hironobu Sakaguchi of Square, he was

Fargo, Con Air, Resevoir Dogs, Armageddon

Frasier (TV), Hercules (TV, animated), Spring Forward

Backdraft, Outbreak, JFK

apparently helped by writer Al Reinert who's credits include Apollo 13, the HBO special From the Earth to the Moon and a National Geographic special called For All Mankind, which |s about the Apollo moon missions. This guy seems to write an awtul lot of movies about the moon—maybe the plot will include some sort of lunar aspect...?

The script is by Jeff Vintar, who is also reported to be writ- ing a Iron Man movie. At an estimated cost of $70 million, this ought to loom large on 2001's movie horizon. We just can't wait that long!

Mulan (voice of Mulan), The Single Guy (TV), Street Fighter: The Movie (she was Chun-Li!), The Joy Luck Club, Spawn (TV anima- tion, voice of Lisa Woo), PLUS several appearances on TV’s ER (as Deborah | Chen), and she played the “Royal Trumpateer” on Mister Roger's Neighborhood.

OctogerR 19999 HTTP3//

& Just imagine, the characters in the FF: The Movie

will look WAY better than this!

Actors who Will lend thelr voice to FF: The Movie


OctogerR 1999


e have recieved word from

very reliable sources that a portable PlayStation is well under- way! This is incredibly exciting news, as It would add even more function- ality and coolness to the PlayStation “family”, joining the PS1 and 2.

Our sources say that the unit could closely resemble Sony's own portable DVD player, which is just a little larger than a standard Discman,

Just think—back in the day, the graphics in Basketball just blew people’s minds.

Remember when all it took to make a hit game was space stuff? Astrosmash does.

flip up the LCD screen and plug in a pad!

ayifiee cece bed 3 : zee + o thd it


This is Sony’s portable DVD player, which could be a good indication of what form a

yourself in these, you’d have to beat your own ass. portable PlayStation might take. Just

and comes complete with flip-up LCD screen for full-color display. Just plug in a standard pad, and play! There would be problems, though. Battery life on these units only lasts a few hours, and technolo- gy like this is fairly pricey. We could- n't see Sony putting this out under $200, at least (this DVD model goes for around $600). We'll let you know more just as Soon as we hear it!

iWon lta ) he Intellivision Classics title eH NS from Activision not only emu-

“TI lates the ancient Intellivision games con- sole, but 30 of its games, to boot. Here's the full list: Armor Battle, Astro Smash, Auto facing, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Buzz Bombers, Chess, Football, Frog Bog, Golf, Hockey, Motocross, Night Stalker, Pinball, Sea Battle, Shark! Shark!, Skiing, Snafu, Soccer, Space Armada, Space Battle, Soace Hawk, Spiker! Super Pro Volley Ball, Stadium Mud Buggies, Star Strike, Sub Hunt, Super Pro Decathlon, Tennis and one more title still to be determined. Might we suggest the voice synthesizer-enabled B-77 Bomber? Until the title's September/October

2 HAA TIHRT f : a !

3 caus

release, you'll just have to feast your eyes on these incredible (tee-hee) graphics.

Why hasn’t anyone taken Shark! Shark! and updated it for today’s gamers?



A million years ago, Intellivision sports

Finally, can the PlayStation alone handle games were the best. Here’s Baseball.

the awesome graphics of Star Strike?

hit Japan on October 14th, and will feature improved i ; ssleage om ; : : aron ona— graphics and a much bigger world. The game con- | | she bunny is

cept has been expanded, but will still use super-high first-person perspective jumps, where you look down at your feet to guide Robbit to a safe landing. And yes, the MuuMuu's are back!

Sourees say its well under. and could hit soa

Sony could consider other options, like glasses in the place of a flip-up LCD screen. Of course, if you saw

eaping back into the spotlight after a two-year hiatus is Robbit, the robot rabbit from Jumping Flash 1 and 2. The first game debuted just after the PlayStation’s launch, and featured innovative and verti- go-inducing gameplay. Jumping Flash 3 is scheduled to

The game will probably be released in the US in 2000, although Sony had no comment at press time. The game will be Dual Shock compati- ble, and will have special PocketStation features (in Japan, at least). Glad to have you back, Robbit!

B ere are a few other } notes of interest, in- ng the latest up-to-

_ Infogrames announced _ its Holiday 99 lineup, and it’s. filled with racers and licens- es, Demolition Racer follows

Destruction Derby's foot-

steps, Test Drive 6is, remark-

ably enough, the sequel to Test Drive 5 (formerly from Accolade). Jest Drive Off Road 3 is pretty self-explana-

tory, and the series has been

expanded to include Test Drive Cycles, Test Drive Rally and Test Drive Le Mans. We hope no one gets, ahem, testy. Mission Impossible

ilareliNacxolctomiatcul(e]ayme) me r-\vael a PlayStation and is backed up by a flight sim, Eagle One, along with Alone in the Dark 4, Time Loop and Smurfs. Them’s a lot of games!

l- Driver, the red-hot racer from GT, has shipped over a aaliiite)amexe) ey(ctomutelarelyvite lc W- lave] is absolutely flying off the shelves. How many copies is

| Waslielaram cone |hucm\Zel0m-laule(-f)

of the scale, if a million copies of Driver fell on your head, you'd be killed instant- ly and turned into a dark maroon paste.

BGT will release the soundtrack of Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill. The sound- track will be called Duke Nukem: Music to Score By relate mrviimict-1delecmaatomliitiarem ef:) be FeYel-m oyvaol-lale(om il com" (cler-le(citap Wu-Tang Clan and Slayer.

B- Koei’s Japanese RPG Zill O'll is sadly no longer ‘atct-le(<com Com tg(-m Ole ea Ral-Mel-leal-p which was unveiled at last year's Tokyo Game Show, will not be released in this territory, even though it has a cool name. The game will, however, appear as _ sched- uled in Japan in October.

OcTogerR 1999 HTTPI/ /

You want more than the latest headlines—you want the dirt,

4 Lj ry] () 4 the inside scoop on what's really going on with the PlayStation.

Look no further, because PSM always has its ear to the wall...


arappa the Rapper and the Bust-a-Groove

crew are evidently due for some competi- tion—but who would have thought it would come from the Final Fantasy wizards at Square? In the latest move to diversify its once role-playing heavy cache of console titles, the gaming powerhouse is reportedly readying a new dancing and rhythm title, initially for Japan, that will combine elements from its popular oredecessors—perhaps even throwing in a little “digi- tal DJ" action a la Konami's Beatmania. Word has tt that the game will debut overseas before the year is out. Look for Chibi-Chan to have some more info in a :

se Squall rapping and break-dancing? Maybe not, but forthcoming edition of Nihon Game Otaku. Square's rumored dancing game is sure to be unique.

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird

f you read our review of the game last issue, you know we're gaga for Reflection’s bad-ass getaway car ‘simulation’, Driver. So when word hit the office that a sequel to the game is in the works, we were every bit as excited as you'll undoubtedly be when you read this. Publisher GT Interactive is mum on the project, So we can't be certain what improvements will be made or when the game will be released. Rumor mill rumblings have it that the game will be ready next spring, and will in fact appear on the current generation PlayStation—although an even newer installment of the

franchise is undoubtedly in the cards for Sony's next- RP SM

generation hardware. courses, and weapons in are just some of the new Keep those fingers features being tossed

crossed, and your dri- around for SingleTrac's ving gloves velcroed. my «Rogue Trip sequel.

Driver's sequel could

se aa as | seme sequel before the year is out. Our spies tell us to expect a slew of new and on the standard cars, weapons, and courses to be thrown into the mix, not to mention the poss

PlayStation, no less. bility of super-crisp, high-resolution graphics, and lots of ska-infused tunes.




odemasters, the zany British development house behind the classic miniaturized racing game Micro Machines, is said to be hard at work on a brand new micro title from the series’ creator, Andrew Graham. Rumor suggests that the game will revolve

[=) ne of the fastest emerging trends in the around pint-sized warriors waging living room combat

PlayStation universe Is the porting of popular instead of tiny sports cars racing around tabletops and

prome computer games to our favorite console, most sandboxes. Codemasters has recently signed a US recently illustrated by Redstorm S Rainbow Six. Titles publishing deal with Activision, so when (and if) this ies the siege 21 iakaohl sala to PC—are game surfaces, its chances of seeing release Stateside ess common, but a rumored agreement between should be better than ever. Of course, you can expect

Konami and computing giant Microsoft aims to change all that. According to numerous reports, Microsoft |s eyeing two of PlayStation's biggest games, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, for PC release later this year. For those of you who've already blasted through both of these games, the home computer version will evident- ly boast greatly improved visuals, and Metal Gear Solid is likely to add Internet-based multiplayer missions. If these rumors hold true, you may see both games run- ning on a computer monitor before the year Is out.

more info on the game in future issues.

Illustration: Ryan Kinnaird

4 Say goodbye to tiny cars. Although Micro Machines will see a true sequel on PlayStation, the next game from its

With Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill headed for the PC, crecitor will focus on action movies antics, could Bill Gates become synonymous with otaku?

Dave underestimated the party guests’

atred of charades.

Don’t let this happen to you. With the new YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®, your

PlayStation® game console may just be a life saver. Not to mention, one of the

greatest party games ever invented. (Nude twister Comes in a Close second.) One, two or three players at a time get scorched by JACK’s sarcastic game show host. You and your friends wrestle over more than 1,400 seriously bent trivia questions on two CD's, while the rest of the party cat-calls, taunts and fights over who gets the controller next. So next time you throw a party, get YOU DON’T KNOW JACK and nobody gets hurt.



. : o :; en = | Comic Mischief, Strong Language 999 Berkeley Systems, Inc. Berkeley, Berkeley Systems and the Berkeley Systems logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Berkeley Systems, Inc. ©1996-1999 Jellyvision, Inc. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, a Suggestive siiesiat se

Jellyvision and the Jellyvision logo are registered trademarks of Jellyvision, Inc. Sierra and Sierra Attractions are trademarks of Sierra On-Line, Inc. Any other trademarks are the property of their respective ¥ is product's owners, PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. eet rating, please call 1-800-771-3772

OctogerR 1999 HTTP!//

e Arcade System is the nicest piece of fur- ire ever designed for the PlayStation. It is also the asiest piece of furniture we've ever had to assem- le. Absolutely no tools are required. There aren't ~ even any small parts and the thing is made from

ey finished wood. The beauty of the design is

that the different layers are held together by silver plastic tubing of different sizes that you screw : re Even cooler is how this design is com- table, allowing you to create your own . cade System to fit your individual needs. You don t have to make what's on the box. When you do build it, you have a nice surface for a steering wheel or Joystick, a slot in the bottom to hold foot peddles and two small racks on either side for holding ag) controllers. ae even space for

as it only ve holes to let the ae come out : and space for the cords in the back. This is a sure fire way to overheat your PlayStation—if only the tray a wire basket instead. There are plenty of other s to set the PlayStation, or you could cut air- n the tray ike \ edi. We would not

Teally work all that well, but the Super GB Booster

dosies that ol 19s to he Parallel /O on the back of your

console. We managed to get some older games to work, but not a single new color Gameboy game or any of the new ( rumble pack games would work. - When it did work,

: ameboy G codes. Another moreno is that you get no sound from ae i Saebey games, but me can use the ie Gia

, we dont really see a markt ae this thing;

&F hesitate to use one of these in our own homes. To _ find out how to get one check _

RATING: %* % %& % re

There's already an assortment of these handheld RC-type controllers available, but what makes the Pro Racing Grip different? First, it vibrates with all games that feature vibration. Unfortunately, the Dual Shock effect of the Pro Racing Grip has only one dis- cernible frequency of vibration, which is strong, but also tends to rattle. As a plus, it has multiple settings for compatibility with games that use digital, dual analog and Namco's NegCon controller. Another bonus is that it is the only controller of this kind that features the wheel on both sides of the unit for both lefties and righties. The lack of any significant turning radius on the wheel is a hindrance, however. Below the wheel are two triggers, one for gas, which is somewhat loose and has a large degree of motion, and a tighter brake trigger. There is a D-pad on the top of the base for navigating menus and every button on a normal controller is repre- sented on its face. This : controller is decent, with some useful innovations, but some out of bal- ance key ingredi- ents keep this controller from getting a high score in our book.

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received an average rating in our original analysis, but a new version of Naki’s standard dual vibration analog con- troller has been released upon us. It retains every feature of the original, : which includes the use- lag less, but typical, Slo-mo and turbo modes. It also fea- : tures a disc shaped d-pad, but other than being a bit larger, it shares basically the same basic shape as its Sony counter- part. This gamepad is for people who own both a PlayStation and Nintendo 64 and think that the design of the dual shock PlayStation controller is far superior to the Nintendo's con-